How very stereotypical of me, the first week of January rolls around and I’m about to kick off a ‘body transformation’. 10 points for originality there Gab…

Do bear with me however. I’m not going to preach, I’m not setting unrealistic goals and I’m far from following any fad diets, because you can diet when you’re dead.

A challenge is what I was after and I want to be pushed. Not over the edge, but to reach my potential (fitness-wise), and that I can only do if I have a personal trainer barking orders at me and forcing me to do ten more sit-ups.

That said, I have worked with an exceptional amount of personal trainers, and (bold statement here) but the majority of them, I find incredibly irritating. Preaching, unprofessional or (forgive my bluntness) prats, I more often than not, last a few weeks and then pack it in for fear of head-butting the PT.



Enter Embody Fitness. Headed up by Chris Walton, strength and conditioning coach, who I’ve worked with previously during my Journalist career, he is the epitome of professionalism and a fountain of fitness knowledge. When I approached him and said I was keen to do a big body overhaul, not just physically, but mentally too, he very quickly sussed out what I was really capable of, what I could and couldn’t stick to, and what realistically I could achieve in a 3 month period (when I refuse to totally cut out alcohol or the occasional croissant).

SO here we are. Week 1 of my ‘body overhaul’ and I thought I’d set out for the basic guidelines for you all to follow along. I’m training 3 times a week with a trainer, and a further twice on top of that by myself. Focusing primarily on weight training, but incorporating strength and conditioning exercises for fat-burning, I’m most pleased at the lack of a treadmill in Embody’s gym. Whilst there is a bike in there, Chris maintains that treadmills are not an essential for fat-burning (music to my ears, given the amount of times I’ve flown off the back of one), and that as good as, if not better results can be seen from weight training.

The nutritional plan is the harder bit. For the first two weeks, I’m off carbs completely, as well as sugar (including all fruit) and minimising my caffeine intake (I happily knock back 5 a day). The general guideline for quantity is protein should be palm-sized, thumb-size your fats (nuts, humous, avocado, oils, olives) and vegetables can accommodate two fists on your plate. Handy right?



Oh and I convinced Chris to allow me ONE cheat meal a week. Seeing as it’s been my birthday week ‘n all. SO wish me luck, watch my progress and look out for my countless photos and videos of my squat attempts…

Check out Embody Fitness here