It’s almost the end of January and any New Year’s resolutions we set, have more often than not been broken by now… whether they’ve been to exercise 5 days a week, cut out carbs or decline any offers of chocolate for the foreseeable.



We do put an inordinate amount of pressure on ourselves to forever be ‘the best versions of ourselves’ – be it through diet, exercising or even cosmetic procedures, and sometimes that pressure is too great to maintain. For the year ahead, I’m continuing my quest for a life in balance – a collaboration I’m working on with Yushoi, the better for you snack brand. By balance, I mean not eliminating anything completely from my diet that I enjoy, not forcing myself to exercise when my body doesn’t feel like it, and curtailing that comparison on social media to unrealistic body goals.


2018 is going to be my year for exercising well. Getting in touch with my body more, understanding what does and doesn’t work for it and applying balance to my workout regime.



At present, I train at F45 – circuit-based classes with studios situated across the UK (click here for more info). Combining cardio with resistance, I like the fast pace of the classes, the ever-changing routines and the mix of fat-burning alongside sculpting and toning. Whilst the 45 minute classes are very high intensity, each class is totally different and targets varying areas of your body all at once. Because the classes are high intensity however, I recommend having a pre-workout snack beforehand – I have low blood pressure and have had tendencies in the past to faint if I’m not fuelling my body in the right way. Yushoi crisps are great as a pre or post workout snack, because they’re high in fibre, a source of protein and low in saturated fat and calories.


As well as HIIT being a favourite workout style for me, because it’s short, sharp and effective, this year I said I wanted to do more of what I love and be good to my body. I also think it’s important to enjoy whatever exercise you may choose – which whilst F45 caters to my hectic lifestyle and busy schedule, I’m going to be counteracting the high intensity of the three weekly classes with Yoga. This is a form of exercise I’ve been meaning to get into for years now and one I feel will be great for my mind as well as body. I recently went to an amazing Vinyasa class at Frame, and couldn’t believe the effect it had on me afterward. Whilst my muscles felt so much looser and relaxed, my mind appeared clearer and calmer. I do have a tendency to overthink my worklife and stress myself out unnecessarily on occasion and it was a welcome release to emerge from the class feeling like I’d let go of silly stressors and taken some time for me, if only for that hour of the class.



If there’s anything I’ve learnt from the last year, health-wise, it’s that being balanced in all areas of your life leads to more fulfilment, enjoyment and self-confidence, whilst a happier body and mind enables the ability to more greatly strive for success.



This post was created in collaboration with Yushoi.