Imagine there was a formula for guaranteed happiness. An equation that very simply identified what it is you want and need to feel truly happy.

What would you personally add and subtract from your life? Would you add a Chanel handbag or a holiday to Barbados? Would you double your efforts seeing that best friend from University you haven’t caught up with in years? Maybe dedicate more ‘you’ time and make a promise to yourself to either allocate pampering or meditation into your daily routine?


Teaming up with Yushoi, who’s belief that a happy, healthy life, comes from living a balanced life, is a belief I strongly agree with. Putting proof into their pudding, Yushoi (the better for you snack brand) have worked with Neuroscientists to work out a scientific formula on how to achieve the perfect balance in life…

The researchers quizzed 2,000 people in the UK on factors such as diet, work, social lives, hobbies, exercise and how much of an emphasis they put on material items, to ascertain what it is that makes people feel they have the perfect balance in life.

From the study, the neuroscientists worked out that happiness plus satisfaction in your work-life balance equates to this formula:

Now you may well look at the above formula and think it might as well be written in Latin. Yes, that was my view too. But translated into facts, the study denoted that happier people cherish experiences over possessions, prefer social settings than being alone and (the only point I can’t relate to), would rather stay at home than holiday away.



The key message that I think we all CAN relate to in this, is that we all live busy lives.

This hectic lifestyle, for me particularly, leads to an enormous amount of pressure on myself to try and achieve the perfect balance, between work and seeing family and friends, to diet and exercise and feeling good about myself. A huge amount of this pressure is also influenced by social media, as people see and aspire to the experiences shared by others.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably follow an enormous amount of bloggers. Fitness, food bloggers and bikini bloggers are constant sources of information for new recipes, ‘summer body’ motivations and most notably, pressure. It’s difficult to follow all these visibly ‘happy, healthy’ people and not feel the need to compare ourselves.

So, as a blogger myself, how do I follow the hundreds of bloggers out there, who perhaps have thousands more followers than me, have leaner limbs, longer hair or a great set of abs?

My very own ‘formula for happiness’ is simple.

  • I compliment myself at least once a day. Don’t worry, I don’t sit infront of my mirror saying “girl you’re so FINE!”, but I’ll take the time to notice if my skin is having a good day, or I’ll smile an extra cheesy smile at someone in the street and pat myself on the back for it.
  • We’re a nation of foodies and we love delicious tasty food, but we’re also a health-conscious bunch. I believe eating should be an enjoyable experience so rather than depriving myself of foods, I make healthier choices instead, which is where Yushoi is fantastic (I LOVE crisps!).
  • Take a reality check. Remember, Instagram is a filtered version of life. You have no idea what’s going on behind the camera and you never will, so whilst you can admire that person’s photos, don’t assume they are perfectly happy and live a fairytale.
  • Save some time for YOU. The study highlighted that not having enough ‘alone time’ is the biggest barrier to the perfect balance in life with over a third of people (34%) saying this was an issue. I spend this ‘me’ time either exercising daily, giving myself a facial or going for a long walk, but switching off from social media and my phone whilst doing it.



This post is sponsored by Yushoi.