Someone asked me last week how I balanced my blogging ‘Instagram life’ with real life; did I have set switch-off periods from social media? How did I choose what went into my shared posts and photography and what did I keep back for personal use?

My answer was, in short, I like to think I maintain a healthy balance throughout all areas of my life. I share a lot of my life to social media, but I also have a private Facebook and Instagram account, that contains only my most treasured family and friends – the photos without the filters. This isn’t just monopolised to my working life however; I try very hard to eat a balanced diet, workout several times a week, live a great social life but balance this with spending a great deal of time with family too –  whilst my career as a digital influencer will always take up a large proportion of my time.

It’s difficult to define equilibrium, because it differs for every individual and is so dependent on circumstance, but it is well noted that to live a happy, healthy life, one must live a balanced life and I strongly agree. I don’t want to be dictated to by a restrictive diet, a gruelling exercise regime or a never-ending workload. It’s a mantra that, although very important to me, is no easy feat, and I’m not without my struggles.

Diet, in particular. As a PCOS sufferer (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), click to read my full post on this here, I’m often bombarded with an abundance of nutritional ‘tips’, rules and regulations, all supposedly in aid of alleviating the symptoms, whilst in fact, causing overwhelm and stress. Consistently worrying about what I ‘can’ and can’t’ eat or drink does not make for a happy life and if constant trialling of diet after diet has taught me anything, it’s that simplicity is key. Stick to what you know works for YOU.

So what does work for me? Meat is generally jam-packed with hormones (and with my hormonal balance already being totally out of sync), I try to avoid overloading on meat. Avoiding sugary treats at least Monday to Friday and if I’m going to snack between meals, opting for healthier alternatives. Healthy snack choices are still not a readily made occurrence however.  It was for that reason, that my collaboration with Yushoi proved the perfect team.

Yushoi is great for achieving the perfect balance when it comes to snacking as it tastes great but is also better for youA baked, light and crispy snack primarily made from green peas, it’s high in fibre and protein whilst being low in saturated fat and calories – ideal if you’re trying to introduce a healthier lifestyle. Suitable for vegetarians, the snacks are gluten free, and contain no MSG, artificial colours or flavours.

Teaming up with Yushoi, it was their brand ethos that resonated with me, whilst the notion of living life in better balance is a concept that will resonate with so many others. Whilst this post is merely an introduction, over the coming months I will expand in far more detail on how I maintain ‘balance’ in each aspect of my life – from work, to nutrition, relationships and exercise.

This post is sponsored by Yushoi.