Brunch. A late morning meal typically eaten in place of breakfast and instead of lunch. Also my favourite way to dine on a weekend. If men could manage without a beer in hand to fuel their conversation, then my ideal date would in fact be sipping Cappuccino and scoffing avocado toast with a side of chorizo sausage.

Being such a super-fan of the brunch club, I’ve been working my way around London to bring you a guide to the most eggscellent eateries in our capital (sorry, dad jokes). Whether it’s just a cracking (more jokes) full english you’re after, avocado with a twist or the fluffiest pancakes in all the land, I’m pretty sure I’ve got you covered…




An Instagram dream, this is all peach coloured marble and high bar stools. Situated in Kings Cross Square, be sure to grab a camera and get some #SteetStyle outfit shots once you’ve finished eating too, the buildings and architecture are amazing. Swerve your usual coffee here for the Spiced Chai Latte with Almond milk too – an absolute winner.

Best for: Ricotta Hotcakes. Hands down the best ‘pancakes’ I’ve ever eaten and that honeycomb butter. OH MY DAYS.




I have this thing with pink. It stemmed from childhood and I’ve forever been a girly girl who is most happy when looking at pink lipsticks. You can imagine my happy face when the pink shrubbery pots peeked out at me from across the street at Bronte. Stepping inside, a pink bar and PINK tables and chairs. Sounds tasteless? Oh hell no. Luxe whilst still being understated, the interior of this place is fifty shades of wow.

Best for: The sausage hash with duck egg. I’d happily drink a bottle of hangover just to be cured by this. Oh and the pancakes – thicker than my memory foam mattress for realz.



When I first entered into the Journalism industry, I was taken for breakfast here by the PR at Sisley skincare and told to try the Chorizo Hash with poached eggs. We also shared the Avocado on toast with feta, and that was where a love story began that has stood the test of time for years gone by.

Best For: The best hash ever. Great juice and smoothie menu too.



My home town (Angel) and situated on the prettiest side street ever, Camden Passage. Locally sourced produce, whilst pleasing my new-found (and forced) fitness freak, the majority of the menu is hugely healthy whilst almond milk is actually available here – still a rare discovery in London believe it or not.

Best for: “The Lean Green”. Now I’m no veggie, but every now and again I fancy a break from the sausage. Toasted Rye bread, covered in the best baked beans I’ve ever tasted, along with spinach, poached eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, smashed avocado and feta. Absobloodylutely smashing.



This may look like a greasy fast food diner, but I promise you’ll eat, drink and be very merry afterwards. Curing many a wine hangover, or hangry pangs, the no frills menu is also loved by the majority of Richmond’s rugby players. All about your macros lads? No problem here. Order the ‘Trainer’s Omelette”, made with 12 egg whites. Personally I prefer the ‘Full house Breakfast’… But I’m not about the #gainz.

Best For: Checking out rugby player’s legs whilst hands down the best full english I’ve ever had.



If you’ve never been to Borough Market, then you won’t yet realise that heaven is a place on earth, and it smells of cheese, wine and pulled pork burritos. Situated above the market however, is Roast, and whilst frequented by an excessive amount of lawyers and bankers (expect overly loud phone calls – small man syndrome is a thing), the food is outstanding. The boiled eggs with marmite soldiers are not to be sniffed at, whilst the veggie sausages are honestly better than the meaty variety.

Best for: Definitely the vegetarian sausages. I’ve converted 21 people (and counting) to them. Be sure to check out their produce shop underneath the restaurant too. Takeaway Veggie Sausages – OH EM GEE.



For anyone who struggles with working from home, get yourselves here early doors and bed up on the sofas.  A workspace you’ll find me in at least twice a week these days, surrounded by media and creative types, along with matcha lattes on tap. Hubbard & Bell is the restaurant situated inside, but you can order food and drink wherever you’re sitting.

Best for: Coffee and cake. The pastries are well worth the calories.



The shabby chic interior is quirky and cool and in Summer, sitting outside is a serious spot for people watching. The avocado on toast is a firm favourite (greenest avo ever), topped with chilli and feta although the pancakes come in a close second. The friendly staff make this a winner for me, whilst being opposite the common means I have often come here post-run in sweaty gym kit and not felt the slightest bit out of place.

Best for: location, avocados and atmosphere.



A firm favourite amongst the beauty PR’s – the Estée Lauder head offices are next door, you’ll be forever surrounded by beautiful women. If thats not reason enough to visit though, then the ‘Baked Eggs’ should be the swaying factor. Sometimes called Shakshuka, and even once named ‘Chimmichurri’ by a friend of mine (he’s a little odd), it’s a dish you need to know about.

Best for: The Baked Eggs. But order the ‘Chorizo, Avocado & Tomato Salsa’ option, it’s Speggtacular.



If ever the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, were more prevalent, it’s at this very cafe. It’s shabby and NOT chic, and you’d probably walk past this place without a second glance, myself guilty on at least three counts of this before first visiting. And then I tried the Eggs Benedict. Oh holy Hollandaise! I also sniped some of the full english being eaten by my friend and christ alive, was that a gooden too. Everything tasted so homemade, of great quality and the portion sizes are every secret porker’s dream.

Best for: Eggs Benedict and extra large plates.

Hope this helps you find a new favourite brunch spot! Keep me posted with your thoughts on any of these places if you visit, in the comments box below :)