F45, 45-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts from Australia, are on UK soil and rapidly expanding…

Whilst each workout is entirely different to the last, it’s no walk in the park. In fact, prepare to sweat from places you didn’t even know existed – but if those Aussie blogger’s bodies are anything to go by, you’re going to want in on it!



Do you actually enjoy exercise? Because typically I don’t. Especially circuit-based classes that have you skipping around like something better suited to the circus. Another pet hate of mine with classes are a heavy focus on attracting supermodels, celebrities or socialites (Barry’s Bootcamp I’m looking at you). I have zero time for prancing around a studio surrounded by models in crop tops or ‘sexily’ exposed arse-cheeks. Second to that, I abhor the male-dominated classes – the guys who flit between taking selfies and extending an equally offensive pick up line to the few girls on offer. Cue, sick in my mouth…

But back to F45…

The first time I tried F45 (I go to the Farringdon studio), I arrived thinking it was going to be in one of two categories.  Either it would be another happy-clappy high-fiving Barry’s Bootcamp, or the latter above; the pumped-up men with small-man syndrome. Thankfully (and surprisingly) it was neither. Whilst there is generally an equal split of girls and guys, the workout itself spares no thought for vanity and no time for selfies.

Whilst of course I notice the many good looking men who frequent the class, it’s the one workout I’ve tried where I’m more focused on being able to breathe (and not pass out), than any nearby babe on the barbell next to me. Everyone is just there to workout, although are also the friendliest bunch I’ve ever sweated with, and I also don’t think I’ve ever looked at the clock – another first for me. They say variety is the spice of life and F45 switches up every single class, the workouts and the timings too.

So what does one do in a class? Take this morning’s class for example. Today’s class was called ’22’, (each day of the week is a different class, with names including ‘Renegade’, ‘Varsity’ and ‘Hollywood’) and is primarily cardio-based. 14 different stations were set up, and exercises including mountain climbers, squat jumps and kettle bell swings were (reluctantly) carried out. You would then repeat each station 3 times for a total of 42 sets (and 45 minutes). Tough? Hell yes! But you can burn upto 800 calories a class if you put your back into it, and it goes so quickly you don’t even notice the extra set of burpees you’ve busted out.


What about the results?

Like any exercise, you need to be dedicated to the cause. If you want to really kickstart your fitness and bikini confidence program, then I’d recommend looking at one of F45’s regularly repeated 8-week challenges. You take part in 5 classes a week and have an individually tailored diet plan to follow (which isn’t at all exclusive and still allows you to maintain a social life). Whilst I’m not currently partaking in the challenge, I’m trying to do 4-5 classes a week and can genuinely see a difference in my abs and arse (less dimpley, more defined), and my fitness levels are at an all-time high. (high-five for me!).