It’s been the coldest week of Winter so far and Jesus, have we all felt it. No amount of knitwear, Teddy coats and cashmere scarves can ward off this chill and my skin is finally throwing it’s toys out the pram too and shutting shop for the foreseeable. Time to bring in the TLC…

Save your skin…

It’s all very well layering up our clothing, but save for wearing a balaclava, it’s impossible to protect your skin from the colder climate in the same way. The alternative, however, is choosing the right products to protect it. As well as dehydration, from indoor heating, a lack of drinking water and a poorer diet, inflammation is often at an all-time high during the Arctic months. SO when the weather decides to match my demeanour (an ice queen, apparently), opt for ultra rich, hydrating products but also soothing and calming options.

Here’s some of the latest or greatest heroes to get your skin back on track…

THE ALL NATURAL BRAND: SkinOwl Lavendar Beauty Drops, $30

A new addition to my skin regimen, and very much a welcome member. All products within the brand are formulated 100% vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and gluten-free. The Lavender drops are specifically for acne prone skin, but have also been providing a huge hydration hit whilst soothing any redness at the same time. I like them because they simplify your skincare too – I don’t feel the need to layer this with serums and creams, a few drops covers all bases.


THE MOST HYDRATING SERUM EVER: La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum, £37

Now this, this is a game changer. Dehydration or dryness is zapped almost immediately when I pop on a few drops of this, and a few hours later, not only is my skin radiating good health, the glow stays all day and my makeup doesn’t crease like normal. I do follow this with a moisturiser, as it sinks in very quickly and can feel a little tacky, but stick with this, as it’s small but powerful.



PURE LUXURY BUT WHAT A WINNER: La Mer The Renewal Oil, £170

Yes, it’s expensive but this is one little luxury I splurge on every few months purely for it’s skin changing capabilities. For this baltic weather, this sinks in like a comfort blanket, repairs any dryenss and inflammation and, used at night, by morning my skin looks like it’s had a facial. I use it every other evening (it’s more of a treat than a daily occurence), but boy is this the b**locks!


LUXURY FOR OILIER SKIN: Sisley Hydra Global, £160

Again, expensive but you can’t buy good skin right? And this is practically good skin bottled. If you have an oilier complexion, this is really lightweight but still manages to rid any tightness and dehydration lines. It also has a clever little dispenser that with just one pump, covers the whole face without any wastage. Becuase let’s face it, one pump is still a small fortune! I also find this doubles up as a cracking primer for makeup too!