Ordinarily, I’m all for a staycation. The sun’s out, the weather is fine and the UK has some stunning scenery and beaches to enjoy. The UK does however, have a tendency to bring a lack of good weather game. This year I’m venturing abroad to sunnier climes and in preparation, I’ve been improving on my diet and significantly increasing my workouts, in order to feel my best and boost my confidence when the dreaded bikini comes out of the case.


But can you maintain that healthier lifestyle and hard work on holiday?

I won’t sit here and preach about how easy I find it to be healthy on holiday. It’s difficult, for the most part, to not indulge all day every day, and believe me, there are times when I will, and I’ll enjoy every minute of it. The way I like to enjoy my holiday however, is by maintaining a little balance, and Yushoi snacks help me to do just that.

My 5 top tips for a healthier holiday:

  • Double your water intake. Dehydration affects you in a huge way – in every aspect from sickness, to your skin and your sleep. If I’m venturing to a warmer climate, then I always double my water intake – not only does this ensure my skin looks much better after sun exposure, but I also find I never gain weight on holidays if I up my hydration intake. Double bonus!

  • Take noise-cancelling ear plugs for a better night’s sleep in different surroundings. This may sound trivial but I try and always use holidays as a time to relax and recharge my batteries to their best again. Sleep pays a huge role in energy levels, overall wellbeing, concentration and even weight. If you’re burning the candle at both ends (either before a holiday or during), you’ll really notice a slump in your health.


  • Take a yoga mat. You may not be a Yogi, but a lightweight roll-up mat can easily fit into your suitcase and means you can workout anywhere. Use your surroundings to your advantage too. I never take equipment in my luggage – because shoes and bikini’s occupy my allowance) so I use what’s on offer. Just 30 minutes a day is all I set aside for exercise and I combine HIIT workouts on the beach or on the roof terrace of the villa, with swimming. Use sun-loungers for step-ups, tricep-dips and ab crunches or stair cases for sprints. Swap in an inflatable (I have a Flamingo, FYI) for a gym Bosu Ball and do ab exercises on that. Running in sand is a serious leg-burner too.

  • Try to give yourself a social media detox, or at least limit it. Swap out your phone and swap in your kindle for a good bit of reading. It’s often hard as a blogger to actually be present in the moment and take time away from Instagram or Facebook, because we feel we need to document and share most of what we do. Particularly on holiday, because so often we’re in amazing, exotic locations. Having a great book to read, however, (be it a crime-drama or trashy romance), means you can switch off from your phone during the day and go back to it in the evening.


  • Swapping out the constant stream of ice creams and pastries (if you’re in France, you’ll know what I mean), and opting for a healthier choice can make a big difference to how you feel, and look, after a week or two weeks in the sun. Yushoi (the better for you snack brand) are a great alternative to crisps and have a far lower fat content, being baked not fried. They also taste even better!

Most of all, holidays are about YOU…

Taking time out, dedicating time to yourself and rejuvenating after sometimes stressful periods of work, health or personal events. How do you like to incorporate a better balance into your holiday?

This post was sponsored by Yushoi. www.yushoi.co.uk