Unsure of what to wear for the office party?

Introducing Debenham’s Party edit…

It’s the middle of what I like to call silly season. I’m half way through the chaos and craziness of 100 parties, 500 bottles of booze consumed and a hungover head that’s only cure is a hare of the dog.

It’s also the most fun I generally have all year and second best part (to Prosecco on tap), is the glamming up. I enjoy the makeover process and the outfit decisions. In fact, going back to being 5 years old, dressing up (be it Ariel or Jasmine) was a favourite past-time of mine, and it appears it’s stuck fast.

One such occasion that has been a particular highlight of mine this party season so far, was last weekend. I was invited to the Jingle Bell Ball with Debenhams and boy did we booze. Red wine namely. But before the alcohol was flowing, I was lucky enough to receive a voucher to choose a ‘party dress’ from their website edit.



So what do I look for in an occasion dress? First up two things. If I’m going ‘outout’ then I’ll always opt for a shorter style. I have quite long legs and they’re a more favourable part then the rest of the lot so that’s first. I’m an advocate of the ‘less is more’ approach too, so if I’ve got the limbs out, I won’t have the charlie’s (boobs) out as well. I like a bit of detail – be it embellishment, an intricate neckline, or a patterned design and I like to keep people guessing as to whether the item is high street or designer.

Having chosen the Monsoon dress pictured here, which I paired with H&M earrings and ASOS shoes, I ventured off to the O2 for the ball. Snacking on burgers, macaroni cheese and fried chicken (the dream), washed down with chocolate doughnuts (what diet?), there were performances from Sam Smith, Anne Marie, Dua Lipa and Rita Ora to name a few. Leaving feeling fed, watered and boogied out, I can safely say it was a hell of a night!

Shop Debenham’s party edit here: https://rstyle.me/n/cvx82tcbsfx





All photos by Joe Galvin. www.josephgalvinphotography.com/