A high intensity, calorie burning Spin class with a difference. For those who don’t know what Spinning is, it’s centred around being sat on a bike and peddling as fast as you can for short bursts of time, whilst adding in resistance, as if peddling uphillto alternate. If the idea of spinning usually sends you running for the hills, then Psycle London wants to cleverly coax you back, by adding in the use of upbeat dance music, amazing instructors with not only killer dance moves, but strong, lean bods to boot.

I was averse to exercise before Psycle. I either had to wash my hair, didn’t have time, my toenail was hurting, you name it, I’d used the excuse. My first Psycle class was at 7.30am and I live an hour away from Central London so you can imagine my enthusiasm upon arrival. However, once clipped into the pedals, lights dimmed and music playing, I started to get into the rhythm of the class and although sweating like I never had before, and with bum cheeks that were somewhere between numb and on fire, the constant mix up of movements, the steady encouragement of the instructor (and her washboard abs winking at me) meant the class was over before I knew it and by the end, I was not only grinning but had never worked so hard – without feeling like I wanted to detach my bike from the stand and cycle over the instructor. Light weights for armwork were a nifty addition to the class and meant by the following morning, you more than felt the previous day’s full body workout. Fitness is now fun thanks to Psycle – I’m going back weekly and even making the 7.30am classes. I’ve changed.