What reason is there to keep up the gruelling workout regime and rabbit worthy diet once the sun has well and truly sunk? You no longer have a body-baring bikini as your ‘outfit of the day’ and you can wrap up the extra mince pies (and slowly expanding muffin top) in turtle necks and trench coats… right?

Personally, I’d vote wrong on that mind-set, hence my collaboration with Yushoi, the better for you snack brand on this very topic. Hot weather attire WILL come around faster than you think, and maintaining a little balance to your health and fitness throughout the colder months makes the summer prep that little bit easier. In fact, superficial reasons aside, making subtle lifestyle adjustments betters much more than how your body looks in a bikini. Sleeping more, exercising, drinking more water and being more mindful all contribute to higher energy levels, glowing skin and better concentration too.



So where to start?

As mentioned in previous posts of mine, I have to be conscious of what I eat and how active I am, because I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). With this in mind, I have made ongoing lifestyle changes to my diet and fitness regime and whilst I’m not as knowledgeable as a personal trainer or dietician, I have picked up various tips and tricks from specialists on how to keep looking and feeling the best version of myself:



  • Working out is great for the mind, helps focus and even helps you sleep better. It is, however, harder to motivate yourself to get there during the colder months. I recommend buddying up! Or joining a run club to mix things up a bit. I’m a bit of a socialite, in that I love talking to anyone and everyone (and am known for being a chatterbox) so why not combine the two and get fit whilst you’re at it?


  • Meal prep. Yes, I know it’s tedious and time consuming but it’s the only way I can ensure I’m not grabbing whatever’s at arm’s reach if I’m on the go. I don’t mean every meal either, but making a conscious effort to even make your lunches Monday to Friday makes for a less expensive and hassle free week. If you really don’t have time to meal prep, then carry healthy snacks with you, such as Yushoi. An alternative to crisps, they have a far lower fat content, being baked not fried.


  • The colder months are well known for being the more depressing months of the year. The days are shorter, greyer and you can’t sit out having sunny BBQ’s and beers. So get out and socialise with friends and family, rather than staying in with the Bridget Jones box set for company. I still very much enjoy a few glasses of wine a week, head out for pizza or cook at home for the girls and don’t feel the tiniest bit guilty for it.


  • Life’s too short to not make the most of it and incorporating balance is not just about being disciplined and restrictive all the time. At the end of the day, life is for living. Whilst feeling confident and happy in your body is important, equally so is your mental wellbeing, which I’ll talk about in more detail in my next post.



This post was sponsored by Yushoi. www.yushoi.co.uk