Yes, that’s right – paradise for your lashes. And by paradise, I mean the ultimate place your lashes want to be. Which, for me, is up there in full voluminous, fluttering, Bambi-like heaven. And, let’s face it, WHO doesn’t want flirty, eye-shaping lashes that slay the mascara game?

I’ve relied on lash extensions over the years if I’ve wanted lashes that wow, and I’m not going to say that extensions don’t deliver on that. What they can also deliver, however, is balding from lashes falling out and irritation from the glue. Much like hair extensions, I think lash extensions are something to use on special occasions and not full time, in order to keep your lashes in tip top condition.

Whilst many mascaras I’ve used are great, so many clump together, flake off, don’t enhance my lashes enough or deliver on one benefit only. I’ll openly call myself a lash diva – I have demands when it comes to a mascara. That little tube needs to volumise, lengthen and curl, all at the same time, and if it doesn’t, then it just won’t make the makeup bag cut.

And then a new mascara arrived at my door. Step forward L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara. The first mascara to make me utter the words “WOW!’, after first use and not cost a small fortune.

First up, the wand is one of those ultra thick, satisfying brushes that I know is going to boost those lifeless lashes of mine like a WonderBra. Next up, are the actual benefits of using the mascara. Yep, it even comes with nutritional value gals! Packed with Castor Oil, the mascara leaves lashes feathery soft without the usual flaking. In fact, I’ve actually used castor oil before, as a lash serum, to boost the growth and thickness of my lashes so this ingredient addition excited me the most! Finally, the rose gold packaging pleases my inner Barbie doll (yes, I have a penchant for pink and anything of a similar tone, OK!) and gives the product a high-end, luxe feel too.

Whilst I can whittle on about how impressed I am with the mascara all day, the proof is always in the pudding right? So have a look at the before and after shots below, and click the link to buy and try it for yourself…

L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara is available from Boots – click here for details:

This post is in collaboration with L’oreal Paris