Coolsculpting, THE treatment to try for better bikini confidence… so I’m told!

It’s that time again. The sun has finally decided to put it’s hat on and all before we knew it, it’s time to dig out the bandeau bikinis. Cue minor meltdown, when once again, Summer has arrived and we don’t feel remotely ready for baring all on a beach.

Perhaps it’s just me. I am of course speaking about my own minor meltdown right now. I have holidays on an all too looming horizon and, whilst I’ve been attempting to hit the gym when I can, I’m definitely starting to notice stubborn pockets of fat that weren’t there before. Whilst I’ve always been curvy (boobs and bum in bundles), I’d always managed to maintain a fairly flat stomach. Whilst it would go through phases of being more toned than other times (I have a ridiculous amount of food intolerances), the lower part of my abdomen I could generally rely on to stay fairly washboard.

That was until a year or so ago. I noticed a little paunch appear out of no where, and no amount of sit-ups, crunches or carb-free days would diminish it. It would bother me that in tighter fitting tops I’d have a little ‘bump’ visible (yes, call me a drama queen all you will), but it affected my self-confidence to a certain degree, and I started wearing baggier style dresses and smock-style tops.

Then in came an email, subject titled ‘Get your body Summer ready with Cool-sculpting’…

Now, generally I disagree with titles like this. What defines a ‘summer body’? A washboard stomach and cellulite free legs? or a body that YOU feel good in, and feel proud of. It’s the latter that I wholeheartedly agree with, and I wasn’t feeling too good about my body at this particular time. I’d heard about the treatment before and knew of success stories from beauty editors and bloggers. So I took the plunge and booked a consultation with The Cosmetics Skin Clinic in London. I’d heard amazing things about this clinic, for various other treatments available there and if anyone was going near my nether regions, it was going to be a pro.

A week later and I was all booked in for the treatment with Senior Medical Aesthetician Magda at the clinic.

I had no idea what to expect, and hadn’t asked too many questions about the procedure itself, as I always prefer to not know the extent of pain I’m about to inflict on myself. “It’s not comfortable”, Magda says. She definitely sugar coated that. I would liken the pain to someone of considerable weight, sitting on my stomach, whose pockets are covered in large, bumpy buttons. Basically it hurts, quite a bit. The initial 10 minutes are the worst and then the pain tends to subside, or at least you become numb and tune out. The equipment itself resembles a hoover, and each suction is called a cycle. I had 2 cycles on my lower stomach, and then afterward two on each hip. Each cycle lasts 45 minutes, so I was there for a total of 90 minutes and for most people, one treatment is enough, however Magda advises some need two sessions for the best results.



How does it work? CoolSculpting is essentially a fat-freezing treatment. By delivering a controlled cooling, the fat cells underneath the skin are targeted. The treated fat cells are frozen, and then are said to die. Over time (this can take up to 3 months) your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving behind a more sculpted physique in your chosen area.¬† Happy days I hear you say. That’s absolutely what I said when I left after the treatment. I had 3 weeks almost to the day, from the day of the procedure till my next bikini-baring holiday, so I was feeling confident.

The treatment was now 3 weeks ago, and whilst I don’t really notice enough of a visible change for others to see any difference, I can definitely see a very slight reduction in the paunch, from side-on. I’m attempting to eat better from Monday to Friday and I am also exercising a little more, but the majority of any physical changes to my stomach will primarily be the result of this treatment, as I’m not altering any of my current lifestyle habits too drastically. I will keep you posted with results as and when I see them, so watch this space…



For more information or to book a consultation at the clinic, visit The Cosmetic Skin Clinic here