We all have that one desert island beauty saviour, a failsafe product we’d forever take on holiday with us that generally offers multi-tasking benefits, never lets us down and always takes up prime position in our hand luggage…

Moving from the Baltic UK climate, to suddenly sunnier temperatures, coupled with high altitudes and moisture-zapping air conditioning wreaks havoc on my already sensitive skin. Add to that, sunbathing and dipping in and out of swimming pools or the sea, and my skin is often drier than the Sahara Desert after a trip abroad.

So, how do I combat this?

I have a very carefully curated beauty kit, housed in my hand luggage wash bag that not only travels with me on the plane, but also accompanies me to the beach, the bar and the bathroom. This kit is generally comprised of products that can be doubled up and used for more benefits than one, and are rarely altered. I’m a creature of habit.. That said, if I get sent a product that grabs my attention, delivers the goods and goes on to get a gold star, that too will make it into the wash bag. Or perhaps I’ll read a blog post whereby a fellow blogger is waxing lyrical on a must-have cream, complete with glowing reference, so of course, it must immediately be trialled by myself.


Step forward Institut Estherderm’s new Cellular Water Mist…

Allow me to introduce one of my favourite holiday essentials. Whilst the original version of this mist is a long standing classic, I just so happened to be holidaying in the South of France when the brand got in touch about a potential collaboration, and lo and behold I already had the new version burrowed away in my beauty bag. Call it fate, call it a match made in heaven or just call it a fluke, but it was a collaboration I was extremely excited about. Not only because it comes from a genuine love for the product and brand, but because it’s a product I’ve been recommending to family and friends since I started using it.

One of the key components to good skin cell health, is it’s ability to hold water. By strengthening the skin barrier, the cells are automatically in a better position to retain hydration, which you absolutely want when you’re in or even out of the sun. Hydrated skin looks brighter, appears plumper and smoother and is less prone to inflammation.  The Cellular Water Mist contains water that is a replica of the physiological water found in your skin, and has a complexion-compatible pH of 6, which works with all skin types (even my rosacea-prone face).

Why it’s my desert island saviour:

  • I apply a broad-spectrum cream first thing in the morning, but I then continually spritz this throughout the day, on top of the cream. The antioxidant-rich formula is an added bonus when you’re in the sun.
  • Hydrating boost. After being in the humidity for longer than an hour, I use this as a cooling spray to perk up sweaty skin.
  • To set my makeup. First thing in the morning, or just before I go out in the evening, this is a great fixing spray for makeup. I even use it as a priming spray before I apply foundation.
  • In-flight essential. It’s a well-known fact that planes zap the moisture out of your skin faster than you can spell the word. The minute you’re off the ground and into the clouds your skin is shrivelling up to prune proportions. As much as I may favour a prune or two for dessert, I’d rather my skin remain smooth and altogether the antithesis of the bumpy fruit. Herein comes the mist again…
  • Allover my body. I spray this over my legs for evening too, as it gives instant hydration to dry patches and leaves a soft sheen that isn’t greasy like many lotions and creams.

 You can shop the Cellular Water Mist here, and use my code ‘gabriella20’ for 20% off the product.


This post was created in collaboration with Institut Esthederm.