By Annie Vischer – Pretty Fit’s Contributing Health & Fitness Editor

Last year I was lucky enough to be put through my paces by none other than Victoria’s Secret Angel trainer Justin Gelband. I skipped over to Chelsea’s private KX Gym to meet the man responsible for those legs, those abs and  butt. He’s dubbed ‘the model whisperer’, and along with some pretty insane gene pools and a few slicks of body paint, he’s credited with sculpting the honed bodies that stride down the glitzed up runway this time each year.

I didn’t know what to expect with Justin, visions of being yelled at because my squat wasn’t as low as Candice Swanepoel’s flashed before my eyes as I entered one of the plush KX Gym studios, but the guy was a delight. Laid back, smiling and an instant friend he talked me through how to train efficiently and effectively, putting a lot of workout myths to bed in the process.

His main rule of thumb? Less is more. If you’re doing a sit up, it’s better to make the movement smaller and think about the muscles your working in your core each time, as opposed to swinging yourself up as far as you can. Leg raises? Keep them lower and visualise your muscle groups doing their job. Press ups – slow down, concentrate on breathing and pull in your core. Opt for lighter weights and more reps. It might not sound like much, they might sound like simple changes, but try one session of adapting your routine and ticking those boxes and you’ll feel the difference. Long term, you’ll see and feel the payoff.

He also stressed if you’re doing circuits, don’t do the same exercise twice. You can start out in the same position, but work yourself in different angles to catch all those muscle groups you might normally neglect. If you’ve already done kickbacks and you’re coming round to do them again, push your leg out forwards instead of backwards, or at a 45 degree angle to the ground, as opposed to a 90 degree angle. It’s all about fine tuning.

Cardio wise Justin’s not a fan of sprints, and pushes interval training all the way. Ditch your hour long runs on the treadmill for half an hour, 15 minutes made up of working gradually from your jogging speed to your running speed, and 15 minutes taking it back down to jogging.

He’s also got a quick fix exercise that he recommends to his models pre-show or shoot. Get into pushup position and switch between reaching your arms to the right, to the diagonal, and straight up. To work your legs, stay in the same position and bring each knee individually in towards your stomach, across to your elbow, and back. This little routine will tighten up your muscles instantly.

This high profile trainer is one seriously clued up guy, and a gentleman to boot, take his golden advice on board and you’re one step closer to the runway! Bring on those angel wings.

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