By Annie Vischer – Pretty Fit’s Contributing Health & Fitness Editor

Tucked away in Cavendish Square you’ll find one of London’s favourite fitness hot spots. Barrecore was founded in 2011 by Niki Rein, a trainer with a background in yoga and dance-based conditioning workouts, she kicked things off with a Chelsea location (why wouldn’t you?) before spreading the joy in central London and beyond. Barrecore also boasts Chiswick, Kensington, Mayfair, Wimbledon and Alderley Edge locations (for you northern gals), as well as a brand spanking new set up in Hampstead that opened its doors last month.

Ever since Black Swan hit the cinema screens all those years ago, ballet based workouts have sky rocketed in popularity. Mila Kunis said that she thought it impossible for her body to change so much until she began training, the results spoke for themselves. But if you think you’re in for an easy ride of mini plies and fancy arm work, you’re wrong. Barrecore takes beginner ballet moves to the next level. Expect to be stretched out of your comfort zone, hit with high-impact cardio sections, and made to push your core strength to its limits.

My class in Cavendish Square’s boutique studio was a revelation. I worked muscles I never knew existed and sweated up a storm. And it all comes with the graceful balletic flourishes I practiced when I was younger, bobbing and curtseying in my little tutu to the tinkered notes on the piano – I loved that nostalgia, though definitely didn’t exit the room in the perfect bun and immaculate leotard I repped back in the day, it was more messy top knot and sweaty sports bra. Just to bring us back to reality.

Sign up to Barrecore for a couple of classes a week and you can expect results fairly quickly. We’re talking perky bums, toned up legs, washboard abs and leaner than lean arms. The exercises lengthen your muscles rather than bulking them up, and boost your overall cardio levels. It’s a great add on to avid runners to stabilise your core and regain flexibility.

Barrecore are constantly adding on new versions of their classes, so there’s something for everyone. We’ll get back to you when we’ve tried some more!