It’s that time of year again. A plethora of parties, an abundance of alcohol and a head that has seen better days… and I love every minute of it!

I seem to get carried away with festive cheer and for this one period of the year, seem incapable of steering away from a booze-fuelled bonanza. Of course, soaked up with enough food to feed a small army (roast potatoes, Christmas pudding and several birds) and hey presto, in comes the New Year and I’m several stone heavier and more often than not, feeling the overindulgence.

Change is good however…

This year I’ve been collaborating with Yushoi, the better for you snack brand, on the idea of balance. I’ve been exploring how living life in better balance makes for a healthier, happier existence whilst ensuring I don’t miss out on the finer things in life when I do wish to indulge.  No preaching, just teaching, I promise.

So, with that in mind, I’m here to act as your very own host to a hangover-free (ok, optimistic perhaps but definitely a more balanced) Christmas period…




  • Choose your alcohol wisely. Red wine goes through a more intense fermenting process than lighter wines and contains more toxic by-product. With that in mind, swap the rouge for Prosecco or Gin, when you can, and your head (and skin) will thank you for it the next morning.
  • You CAN be a party pooper. Whilst I’m not suggesting you turn down every party for a night in with a green tea (Ergh!), you can turn down a few and still maintain your party girl reputation. In fact, you’ll be on even finer form if you do.
  • Line your stomach. But not with mince pies. Yushoi Crisps are baked, light and made primarily from green peas or lentils. High in fibre and a source of protein whilst being low in saturated fat and calories makes them a better choice pre-party.
  • Supplements. Alcohol swallows up your B vitamins so taking this before a night out will prove life-saving the next morning. Take Milk Thistle too if you can, it reverses the damage caused (by too many shots) to the liver.
  • Look after your skin. Alcohol is laden with sugar which wreaks hell on earth for your complexion. You’ll have noticed you often have spots the morning after a night out, and for the most part, they’re around your chin. Removing your makeup with a Micellar water (rather than face wipes) and avoiding cocktails (the worst for sugar) will aid the situation.
  • Bag yourself a good under-eye concealer. They hide a multitude of sins the next morning and really do cheat a good night’s sleep (even if you haven’t had any).
  • Rehydrate. Sounds lame but water really is a lifesaver. If you’re never going to be that sensible Susan that washes down one alcoholic beverage with one glass of water, then do at least down a pint once you’re home before bed.
  • Exercise. I kid you not. Even if it’s a walk the next morning, working up a sweat will speed up the pain process and have you feeling tip top and ready to go again.
  • Choose your calories. If you’re going to be out drinking all night, don’t opt for the takeaway option for dinner but grab yourself something homemade beforehand. Or on the flip side, if it’s a triple course meal on your mind, go easier on the festive tipples. Simples.
  • Grin and bear it. Don’t wallow on the sofa with the curtains drawn the next day convincing yourself ‘it’s the worst hangover ever’. Get up, get out and get your groove on for the day.





This post is in collaboration with Yushoi.