First of all, I want to flag up that bringing better balance to your life doesn’t need to stop at your wellbeing, diet and exercise. Balance can be incorporated into any and every part of your life and it is a movement I’m collaborating with Yushoi (the better for you snack brand) on. This month I’m talking fashion, because it absolutely extends to your wardrobe too…


It’s nearing the end of October and my favourite season of the year is almost here. Yes, ice queen or not, I’ll take a sprinkling of snow and a cosy coat over a bikini and a beach any day. Who doesn’t love wrapping up with a cuppa, dozing infront of the fire and burrowing away in a blanket? See, I’ve almost convinced you now…



Further to the copious cups of hot chocolate and plates of warming comfort food however, is the fashion itself. I love overhauling my wardrobe come Autumn, replacing swimsuits and shorts with coats, cardigans and cashmere. There’s something altogether more chic about a colder weather wardrobe, especially if you invest in the pieces that will stand the test of time and bulk buy the bits that don’t need to last. So where to start?



Balancing your wardrobe doesn’t need to be an arduous operation. Nor should it warrant having to remortgage your house to cater to the cost. For me, investing in a couple of items – the ones that can be worn smart or casual is the best way to streamline my wardrobe, avoid those unnecessary purchases and restore a tidy balance. After all, a tidy trunk makes for a tidy mind right?




Skinny Jeans

A good pair of skinny jeans are a wardrobe essential. From the way they fit to the simple ways you can dress them up from casual to going ‘out out’, and they way they wear (bad quality will shrink, the colour will fade and the fabric will thin), are the reason why I’ll spend anything from £60-£200 on a pair of jeans.

£££: Paige or Nudie jeans

££: Levi’s or Allsaints

A Hat

Now I’ve never been much of a hat lover. I have a head the size of a small stadium and my face is somewhat spherical so generally hats are a no-go. Until I tried on baker boy hats and Fedoras. Whilst Baker boy’s make my head appear more streamlined, fedoras are so wide, my face automatically appears smaller in comparison. Winning!

£££: The Outnet

££: ASOS have great varieties, as do M&S

Chunky Knits

Knitwear is my thing. I LOVE a good baggy jumper paired with jeans and biker boots. Equally I like to dress a knit up with a leather skirt and ankle boots for the evening. You don’t have to spend a lot on knitwear for it to look the part, but it’s worth investing in a couple, mainly for a good colour scheme. Personally, I don’t think you can have too many jumpers, so spend the cash on the failsafe styles that won’t go out of fashion.

£££: Acne & Joseph

££: M&S, ASOS, Uniqlo

A Statement coat

And when I say coat, I mean coats. Plural. I may sound like a princess, but I strongly believe you need more than one coat. No one coat goes with everything – different styles, shapes and shades work for different occasions. Borg style coats (faux sheepskin shearling designs) are in this year and there’s not much cosier than these. Style them up with jeans and a hat for daytime, or for evening, a more tailored, structured fit is better.

£££: Net A Porter, Allsaints

££: ASOS, Topshop & Next all have great Borg coats

 Biker boots

From the Givenchy multi-buckled studs, to the Chanel lace-ups, biker boots have well and truly turned full circle, and into the fashion circuit. There’s a style to suit all, for the girly girls (adorned with pearls) to the tomboys (think studs and higher leg). Wear them with floral dresses, leather trousers, jeans and floaty skirts, and you can’t go wrong.

£££: Net A Porter

££: ASOS, Sol Sana, OFFICE

 A Leather Jacket

Finally, an item I always think is worth investing in is a good leather jacket. They only seem to get better in time, the leather loosens up and fits like a glove, and they go with EVERYTHING. From pretty dresses, to tailored trousers or jeans and a jumper, there’s nothing a leather jacket doesn’t look good with. Except maybe more leather. But even some people can pull that off too…

£££: Acne, Alexander Wang

££: Whistles, Allsaints




This post was sponsored by Yushoi.