Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Just a few little gifts our eyes like to bestow upon us more often than not. You suffer too? Then you should also be using an eye cream…

Did you know that the eyes are the very first part of your face to show any signs of ageing, before cheeks and lips? The skin around your eyes is also the thinnest so an alteration in product formulation is needed to cater to the delicateness of the skin here.

Rewind to just 6 months ago and I mocked the idea of a separate cream for your eyes. It’s all part of your face right? Why would I fork out copious amounts of coins for creams that do just the same job as your usual day or night cream?

Then I started noticing more and more fine lines appearing around my eyes. The crappy crow’s feet, makeup sitting in them and not appearing to seamlessly blend in as normal, which in turn, made me appear older than I am. I looked permanently tired and the skin around my eyes was distinctly dehydrated despite using all my fancy lotions and potions.

It took a few conversations with dermatologists and other bloggers to discover that in fact, eye creams really can work mini miracles. By eschewing one, I was speeding up those lines appearing whilst puffiness and tiny white dots were a daily occurrence.


These conversations, coupled with the realisation I was turning 30 very soon, and the distinct dilapidation of my once smooth skin was enough for me to stop the eye rolling, and start the hunt for a good eye cream.

I’m a big fan of pharmaceutical brands, brands that aren’t available at department stores or Boots and are more often than not prescribed by a GP, Dermatologist or clinic. Far more prescriptive than brands available over the counter, and approved by experts, the results are always worth the extra price tag.

Strivectin is a US brand I have used for years and really brings science into it’s skincare. Free of harsh ingredients and cruelty-free, it’s a brand that backs up it’s results with statistics and real results.

Working like Polyfilla does to holes and crevasses, the Strivectin Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles is patted on directly around the eyes and fills in lines and wrinkles in much the same way. Within seconds you notice a difference, with continued visible effects after 7 days. I cannot express enough the difference it’s made in a month; with puffiness, pesky white pimples and dehydration lines all but disappeared and makeup now sitting pretty rather than crumbling off.

The proof is in the pudding however. Not all formulations and products work for everyone and all skin types but this cream has worked spectacularly for me and has well and truly converted me to the eye cream club. Whilst so many other brands offer nothing more than a marketing ploy in their eye creams, Strivectin bridges the gap between treatment and topical product. If you’re considering any sort of cosmetic procedure on your eye area, I recommend trialling this product first, it’s a winner for me.


Keep an eye on my Instagram (@bygabriellalondon) I’ll be posting a giveaway there very soon to win not just the eye cream, but also the iconic SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles.


This post was written in collaboration with, and sponsored by Strivectin. https://www.strivectin.com/

All photography by Reece Chapman